Apr 2, 2013

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Recorded in phases between Public Hifi in Austin, Bent Black studio in D.C., and the band's hometown of New Orleans, Heza finds Generationals more satisfied in songs that breathe and grow over time.

These songs show restraint, with the hooks developing in the spaces between sounds and an attention to rhythms and textures revealing a more patient band willing to dig for deeper gems than in their previous work.

Tracks like "You Got Me" and "Put a Light On" use minimalist electronic frameworks to match the intensity of more straightforward guitarwork on "Spinoza" and "I Never Know," all of them placing the focus more on layers and arrangements than to forcing the hook.

On Heza, Generationals aren't so much shedding their old skin as growing more comfortable in the one they've always inhabited.


  • 1
    Spinoza (3:29)
  • 2
    Extra Free Year (3:21)
  • 3
    Say When (2:32)
  • 4
    You Got Me (4:54)
  • 5
    Put a Light On (3:44)
  • 6
    I Never Know (3:14)
  • 7
    Awake (3:34)
  • 8
    Kemal (3:09)
  • 9
    I Used to Let You Get to Me (2:41)
  • 10
    Durga II (3:38)


A dancier Echo & The Bunnyman or a version of The Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs recorded at higher fidelity.  [84/100]


With Heza, Generationals have perfected its a-little-bit-of-everything pop.

Under the Radar


  • Spinoza (3:33)
    Generationals & Luther Gooch
  • Say When (3:41)
    Jason Jurgens
  • Put a Light On (3:44)
    Vice Cooler