Sonny & The Sunsets
Hit After Hit
Apr 12, 2011

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Released by: Fat Possum

Sophomore album from Sonny & The Sunsets, and the one that directly preceded their Polyvinyl debut, Longtime Companion.

...with Hit After Hit, [Sonny Smith has] turned in the best record of his career. While the previous Sunsets record leaned toward folk, both in the writing and instrumentation, Hit After Hit toughens up and reaches back to the simple pop sounds of the '50s and early '60s for inspiration.

He and the Sunsets strip the sound down to the basics, trim away all the fat, and let the melodies and Smith’s artless croon carry the day. It’s a formula that would fail in the hands of a less-interesting songwriter or a less compelling singer, since most people need all the bells and whistles of volume, orchestration, and dynamics to keep listeners interested.

Smith and the band generate all the excitement they need out of the bare necessities. Whether tackling loping ballads (“I Wanna Do It”), scorching rockers (“Home and Exile”), or midtempo frat rockers (“Teenage Thugs”), the band is tough, lean, and provides perfect backing for Smith.

Tahlia Harbour's backing vocals blend perfectly with Smith’s leads, Kelley Stoltz keeps it simple but steady on the drums, and guests like Thee Oh Sees' John Dwyer keep things popping.

The record really does live up to its title; by the end, you realize that there is no filler, no wasted moments, and nothing that doesn’t feel perfect for the best imaginary pop radio station on the airwaves.

Sonny Smith will never be Buddy Holly, but if Buddy were around, he’d recognize a kindred spirit. So would Rick Nelson, Bobby Fuller, or Marshall Crenshaw (who isn’t dead but still...), or anyone else who made simple but powerful pop music with brains, guts, and hooks sharp enough to cut glass.

Hit After Hit is that good.

-- Tim Sendra, All Music Guide


  • 1
    She Plays Yo Yo With My Mind (4:07)
  • 2
    I Wanna Do It (2:20)
  • 3
    Home and Exile (2:23)
  • 4
    Reflections On Youth (2:19)
  • 5
    Girls Beware (1:57)
  • 6
    The Bad Energy From LA Is Killing Me (2:44)
  • 7
    Teenage Thugs (3:08)
  • 8
    Heart of Sadness (1:50)
  • 9
    Don't Act Dumb (2:13)
  • 10
    Acres Of Lust (2:22)
  • 11
    Pretend You Love Me (2:49)

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