Deerhoof/Physical Forms
Nov 16, 2010

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From the mind of Regan Farquhar comes this unique collaboration with Deerhoof.

Farquhar, better known as Busdriver, is an LA-based MC who has released several albums on ANTI-. He has also collaborated with Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, and Boom Bip.

Side A of Hoofdriver features Farquhar singing over a Deerhoof instrumental track and Side B showcases Farquhar's latest project, Physical Forms, which features members of The Mae Shi.

The 7" is the first of a possible series of Deerhoof 7"s featuring guest vocalists singing self-composed lyrics and new vocal melodies over music composed by Deerhoof. The B-side will feature exclusive tracks from the vocalist's band.


  • 1
    I Did Crimes Behind Your Eyelids (Deerhoof (with Busdriver)) (3:09)
  • 2
    On The Brink (Physical Forms) (3:32)

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