Radio Flyer
In Their Strange White Armor
Mar 4, 1997

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When members of D.C.'s Hoover and Gauge decided to form a group in April 1995, they descended upon Chicago where they wrote, collaborated, and recorded for one week. Following five days of songwriting, the band drove to the Knights of Columbus Hall in Arlington Heights and recorded the album the next day. On the 7th day they rested.

In Their Strange White Armor proves to be a fascinating collaboration, with results that are highly indicative of the musicianship behind its creation. Merging precise, flawless song structures with impeccable drumming, Radio Flyer was Alex Dunham (ex-Hoover, Regulator Watts), Kevin J. Frank (ex-Gauge, Sweater Weather, Traluma, Sky Corvair, Haymarket Riot), Ryan Rapsys (ex-Gauge, Sweater Weather, Euphone, Heroic Doses, Joan of Arc), and Paul Obrecht (Sweater Weather).

Following a single Arlington Heights show, tour plans were discussed but fell through when Dunham returned to D.C. Frank, Rapsys, and Obrecht continued to play in Sweater Weather before venturing on to other projects.


  • 1
    Allied (2:01)
  • 2
    Ice Cream Cheater (7:06)
  • 3
    R is for Rocket (5:31)
  • 4
    (312) (4:03)
  • 5
    Six Year Ballet (4:43)
  • 6
    Salty Lollipop (2:25)
  • 7
    Swollen Buffet (3:27)


In Their Strange White Armor exhibits-and, in some places, defines-the classic D.C. sound of the era.


A definite for any particular fans of Alex Dunham's work, and a maybe for anyone interested in post-hardcore in general.


Radio Flyer has it all: but most particularly, it has that richness, affection, searing post-hardcore sounds and heartbreaking lightness of touch which makes it one of Alex Dunham's best works-not to mention the other luminaries he works with here. Emo bedamned-this is just good music.

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