Kill Them with Kindness
Aug 22, 2006

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Headlights deliver a pop masterpiece with its debut album.

Kill Them with Kindness is alive with a pulse that beats with shoegaze spirit. There is a synthesis of keyboards and guitars, of vocals, of ethereal programming and huge drums; a solidification of lyrics centered on the paradoxes and ups and downs we all experience in life. Through its veins runs the lifeblood of an indie-pop band not afraid of anything at all.

In this world of stun or be stunned, by the time Kill Them with Kindness shimmers to its close, you realize not only how remarkable the album is, but how rare it is for a debut LP to yield such dramatic results.

After recording basic tracks with Kristian Riley (Decibully, Maritime) at Bionic Studios in Milwaukee, members of Headlights applied the finishing touches at the band's farmhouse just north of their hometown of Champaign, Illinois.

Kill Them With Kindness follows two EPs, a tour-only live recording, and a split 7" with Arts & Crafts band The Most Serene Republic.


  • 1
    Your Old Street (6:06)
  • 2
    TV (2:37)
  • 3
    Put Us Back Together Right (4:14)
  • 4
    Pity City (3:48)
  • 5
    Songy Darko (3:41)
  • 6
    Owl Eyes (2:50)
  • 7
    The Midwest Is The Best (0:18)
  • 8
    Lions (1:48)
  • 9
    Lullabies (3:44)
  • 10
    Struggle With Numbers (1:27)
  • 11
    Words Make You Tired (3:47)
  • 12
    Hi-Ya! (2:21)
  • 13
    Signs Point To Yes (But Outlook Not So Good) (3:40)
  • 14
    I Love, You Laugh (2:23)


Headlights are a band to watch on the indie rock radar.

Undar the Radar

'Owl Eyes' and ‘Lions' will be two of the best songs you'll hear all year.

Playback StL

A melodic world of deliciously messy guitars, synthesizers and piano.


Lovely and haunting, how did they get so wise?

Wonka Vision

Graceful and stunning.

Playback StL

'Put Us Back Together' is simultaneously relaxing and beautiful, and energetic and charging. It's this kind of duality that makes me thankful that good music still gets made.


This album is full of the kind of lushly orchestrated pop that anyone can enjoy.



  • TV (2:45)
    Julian Acosta

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