matt pond PA
Last Light
Sep 25, 2007

Last Light is matt pond PA's sixth album. Over the course of six acclaimed and adored albums, Matt Pond has composed a world of poetic characters and bittersweet melodies. Each release presents a new emotional arc, drawing fans in closer with personal lyrics and endearing hooks.

Last Light offers the most dynamic glimpse of this world yet. Set against Matt's pastoral imagery, this collection of songs follows a path from hopeless longing to the hope of new love - exploring all the delicate twists, turns, rifts, and revelations in between.


  • 1
    Last Light (4:16)
  • 2
    People Have A Way (3:26)
  • 3
    Locate The Pieces (3:54)
  • 4
    Wild Girl (1:19)
  • 5
    Honestly (4:05)
  • 6
    Taught To Look Away (2:49)
  • 7
    Sunlight (3:54)
  • 8
    Basement Parties (3:03)
  • 9
    Until The East Coast Ends (1:35)
  • 10
    Foreign Bedrooms (3:49)
  • 11
    Crush, The (4:25)
  • 12
    Giving It All Away (3:37)
  • 13
    Curves In The Road (3:37)
  • 14
    It's Not So Bad At All (5:07)


Last Light is an altogether different album from what we've heard before, as Matt Pond has rarely put himself in such close contact with his idols. Nevertheless, it's a leap forward for an artist who rarely, if ever, heads in the wrong direction.

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Matt Pond PA shows it can rock out tastefully.


Last Light is a compelling expression of compassion, frustration, and love in a variety of forms.

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