Rainer Maria
Long Knives Drawn
Jan 21, 2003

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Long Knives Drawn continues the shift in songwriting duties Rainer Maria first displayed on A Better Version of Me. Here, Caithlin focuses more on vocals and the lyrical aspects, while Kaia fine-tunes her sonic assault on guitar.

With a third album (A Better Version of Me) and over a hundred more shows under its belt, Rainer Maria was ready to return to the studio with a vengeance in September 2002.

Recorded at Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin, Long Knives Drawn comprises nine incendiary performances.


  • 1
    Mystery and Misery (4:43)
  • 2
    Long Knives (3:08)
  • 3
    Ears Ring (3:44)
  • 4
    The Double Life (3:29)
  • 5
    The Awful Truth of Loving (4:57)
  • 6
    The Imperatives (4:29)
  • 7
    Floors (4:13)
  • 8
    CT Catholic (3:51)
  • 9
    Situation: Relation (2:51)


Rainer Maria is a trio of musicians who have rediscovered themselves through this collection of songs. I can say with assurance that this is the first notable release of 2003 for me, and is worth as much praise as I can muster for it.


At the same time they are treading new ground for themselves, they are not losing any sense of who they are or where they came from. Which is very refreshing. It seems most times bands shift to a new direction, they alienate a lot of old fans, but Rainer Maria have played their hand perfectly.

Indie Workshop

Riveting. There's an intensity here that's hard to resist.


The band continues to trudge forward in an ever-evolving sound that continues to demonstrate the ingenuity and poignancy of all of their previous releases.

Colorado Daily

This is what I wish every female-fronted indie band sounded like.

READ magazine

Oh, rock, I never knew you could sound so pretty!


Throw this disc in your player and crank up the volume....Smart and achingly sincere, the group is at its best when it lets the guitars whine and vocalist Caithlin De Marrais soar...



  • Ears Ring (3:41)
    David Ahuja

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