Lovers Prayers
Jan 29, 2008

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Ida, a New York City band known for their quiet take on urban life, has moved to the woods. Now, it seems, the woods have moved into their music.

After touring in support of 2005's Heart Like a River, Ida found an acoustically sublime haven in Levon Helm's (of The Band) home studio located in the Catskill Mountains. Over the next two years Ida abandoned its traditional studio perfectionism in favor of a spontaneous approach that included live tracking with few overdubs. The band ironically wound up with the clearest, most dynamic album they have ever made.

In tune with this process, Ida have managed to make its most powerful statement: a collection of songs that invoke the proximity of the invisible and the reality of love with an earned grace that comes from experiene, persistence, and an undiminished enthusiasm for making sounds together.

Lovers Prayers is Ida's seventh full-length album.


  • 1
    Lovers Prayers (5:13)
  • 2
    The Weight of the Straw (3:48)
  • 3
    The Love Below (5:04)
  • 4
    Willow Tree (4:17)
  • 5
    Worried Mind Blues (4:10)
  • 6
    Gravity (4:40)
  • 7
    For Shame of Doing Wrong (3:16)
  • 8
    First Light (5:07)
  • 9
    Kora (5:01)
  • 10
    Surely Gone (4:43)
  • 11
    The Killers 1964 (5:18)
  • 12
    See The Stars (3:52)
  • 13
    First Take (4:36)
  • 14
    Blue Clouds (3:31)


Ida's sound shares much of what makes Mitchell's kid's albums endearing - eloquent lyrics, sincerity, and classic folk-song structures.


Drawing from their influences of folk, rock, blues, and world music, the lush instrumentation creates soundscapes that go from thick to thin in the blink of an eye, yet not frenetic in any way.  Well-placed vocals, guitars, basses, drums, violins, and percussion all subtly add to the over all lo-fi but beautiful sound.


Instead of firing a cannonball, Ida incites a painfully slow wade into the rewarding complexity and thoughtful content of its often minimalist compositions.


Ida have produced one of their strongest efforts to date.


[T]he album's most inspired moment may, in fact, be "See The Stars," a sweet, romantic waltz whose soulful sense of majesty suggests what Ida's Big Pink might have sounded like.

Alternative Press


  • The Weight of the Straw (8:12)
    Megan Holmes
  • See The Stars