Mates of State
My Solo Project
Apr 15, 2003

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My Solo Project is Mates of State's critically acclaimed debut album.

Originally released in 2000 on Omnibus, the record was sold primarily by the band on tour. As the Mates of States fan base began to build quickly, the record gained cult-like status as the band literally sold thousands of copies at shows.

In 2003, Polyvinyl re-released the then hard-to-find album with bonus, revamped artwork.


  • 1
    Names (0:51)
  • 2
    Proofs (2:17)
  • 3
    What I Could Stand For (3:22)
  • 4
    La'hov (3:46)
  • 5
    Nice Things That Look Good (4:27)
  • 6
    A Control Group (3:00)
  • 7
    Throw Down (2:31)
  • 8
    I Have Space (2:26)
  • 9
    Everyone Needs An Editor (2:54)
  • 10
    Tan/Black (3:57)
  • 11
    Ride Again (3:40)
  • 12
    More In Me (0:39)


Consistently high in quality within its tight 34-minute length. It's unique, fun, and worth your time.


Impressive and refreshing. I was not getting the typical: bass, drums, guitar sound that we are so accustomed to. This is an ingenious duo, one that I have never come across.


Made me grin from ear to ear.


A tremendous debut full-length... Mates of State have built a freshness all their own, rejuvenating indie pop with unbelievable vigor.

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