Justus Proffit & Jay Som
Nothing's Changed
Sep 28, 2018

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There’s a little bit of everything -- garage rock, country twang, art pop -- on the five songs that comprise Nothing’s Changed, a record showcasing the burgeoning collaboration between Justus Proffit and Jay Som.

Following the release of her debut full-length as Jay Som (2017’s Everybody Works -- an album that landed on just about every “Best of” list imaginable) multi-instrumentalist Melina Duterte re-located from California’s Bay Area to Los Angeles, where she soon found a kindred spirit in rising singer-songwriter Justus Proffit.

Though they had never played together before, when Proffit heard Duterte had moved to town, he reached out to see if she wanted to record a track for fun.

With no real serious intentions, the two began by taking a riff, melody, or drum beat and then building around it whatever impulsive idea came to mind. Quickly, though, these ideas began to snowball, and before long the pair had several finished tracks that they were eager to share.

Having recorded all her own material to-date, Duterte oversaw tracking and mixing in her home studio (in addition to playing bass and keyboard), while Proffit handled lyrics and drums. Together, they shared guitar and vocal duties.

Says Duterte, “I think we both challenged each other with each song, forcing ourselves to either stick to an idea or move on, and accept mistakes.”


  • 1
    Nothing's Changed (2:12)
  • 2
    My World My Rules (2:01)
  • 3
    Tunnel Vision (2:59)
  • 4
    Invisible Friends (2:22)
  • 5
    Grow (2:10)


"The chemistry between Proffit and Duterte is perfectly natural, and “Nothing’s Changed” is as cozy and easygoing as an indie rock song can be."


"“Nothing’s Changed” shows off a lo-fi indie-pop twang with Elliott Smith-indebted undertones."


"Proffit, a singer-songwriter, and the multi-instrumentalist Melina Duterte — who performs under the name Jay Som — have achieved indie rock without pretension on their stripped-down joint EP Nothing’s Changed."

The New York Times

"“Nothing’s Changed” is a folky, acoustic indie-rock track with playful jangle-pop guitars and an unexpected, triumphant trumpet solo to close."

"...the sweet Big Star power-pop melody of Justus Proffit and a soul-crushing trumpet solo and you have ‘Nothing’s Changed.’ It’s familiar, not derivative-sounding, and oh so soft."

"The EP maintains this spontaneous dynamic as the songs progress from twee to lo-fi '60s pop numbers à la Olivia Tremor Control."

Under the Radar

"The song is peppered with touches of laid-back melancholy reminiscent of Elliott Smith, and it closes with an unexpectedly jaunty horn passage that leaves a lasting impression."

Brooklyn Vegan

"The EP blends Proffit’s Elliot Smith meets Alex G-style of songwriting with Duterte’s introspective indie and adds a dash of twang."


"The duo's chemistry has yielded a shadowy darkness on 'Invisible Friends', where the gloopy bass keeps the track in a self-reflective mire that matches the contemplative lyrics."

The 405

"...'Invisible Friends' finds them basking in waves of fuzz and swanky bass grooves that sound like the good old days of arena rock."


"It's easy to understand how recording one song "for fun" turned into five upon hearing how well Jay Som's melancholy, textured pop pairs with Proffit's thoughtful, Elliott Smith-like melodic and conversational vocal tendencies."


"Their brought-to-the-table marriage of emotional intelligence, harmonized vocals, and pop-decorated progressions all make for a rapturing rapport."


"Justus Proffit and Jay Som thrive in collaboration, challenging each other every step of the way. Their efforts allow growth and experimentation, paving a seamless path between the duo’s blossoming careers as songwriters. Nothing’s Changed might be a quickie, but it’s certainly a goodie."

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