Mates of State
Our Constant Concern
Jan 22, 2002

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Our Constant Concern is Mates of States' second album and follow-up to 2000's My Solo Project.

With Dave Trumfio (The Pulsars, Wilco) engineering at his Kingsize studio in LA, Mates were able to capture their unique drums/organ/vocals sound and pull off the "make two people sound like four" trick with ease.


  • 1
    Hoarding It For Home (4:15)
  • 2
    10 Years Later (3:08)
  • 3
    Uber Legitimate (3:55)
  • 4
    Girls Singing (3:05)
  • 5
    I Know, and I Said Forget It (3:41)
  • 6
    Quit Doin' It (3:47)
  • 7
    A Duel Will Settle This (3:42)
  • 8
    Clean Out (2:10)
  • 9
    Halves and Have-nots (1:57)
  • 10
    As Night as Now (2:18)


Inspiringly romantic, structurally scattershot, and just impeccably performed, the album's ten perfect songs are more than enough to offset any notion of novelty and kitsch that may arise from the band's unique formula.
Mates of State continue to come through with some of the strongest, most heartfelt boy/girl vocals, and some of the most unique and dynamic rhythms in indie pop.
Innocent Words
Every track on Our Constant Concern attests to Mates of State's mastery of their medium...the songs are thoughtful and intoxicating. Everything just works together perfectly.
Tucson Weekly
Both sensible and melodically infectious.
Bitch of the most fantastic, uplifting and lovely albums I've heard in a long time.

Complex arrangements and breathtaking vocal harmonies, full of whimsy and daydreaming... prove that the lack of guitars does not translate to a lack of depth. Mates of State make nearly perfect pop.

SF Bay Guardian