Out of the Garden
Apr 1, 2016

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Though technically the band’s third full-length, Out of the Garden is Tancred’s first truly cohesive record: a mission statement that underscores the “power” in power-pop and is punctuated by lyrics as razor-sharp as the hooks.

Written over a two-year period during a break from touring, the album’s emphasis on re-defining feminine expectations was shaped by primary songwriter Jess Abbott’s experiences living in Minneapolis and working at a liquor store in a rough part of town.

“I learned how to speak up when I needed to and how to truly be myself without reservation,” Abbott recalls. “I felt afraid walking home at night, and after a couple of months I just got sick of it and started getting into self-defense and self-empowerment as a means of coping. Finding my own strength changed everything.”

After writing and tracking every song in her apartment, Abbott (also of beloved Minneapolis trio Now, Now) enlisted Kevin Medina and Terrence Vitali to add drums and bass to her demos. The band then traveled to LA to record with OFF! bassist Steven McDonald and That Dog vocalist/guitarist Anna Waronker.

Both producers proved to be the perfect collaborators, with each elevating the final takes via their specific areas of expertise — Waronker helped Abbott achieve the raw vocal attitude exhibited on songs like the seething “Hang Me,” while McDonald orchestrated the tailor-made guitar tones and trashy drum sounds highlighted on standouts like “Joey.”

As a result, Out of the Garden showcases Tancred shedding its former skin in favor of a bolder and infinitely more confident sound.

Opener “Bed Case” bolts off the starting block with a guitar salvo straight from the ‘90s before “The Glow” ups the amperage with crunching riffs and pummeling distortion. Soon after, smooth as silk “Sell My Head” serves up a chorus so intrinsically catchy you'll already be singing along by the second time around.

As Abbott reveals, “I wanted these songs to sound sickly sweet, with a looming, gory shadow behind them. Sugary, but when listening closely, unsettling.”

This juxtaposition is presented flawlessly during the chorus of “Pens” when Abbott sings “I’m insanely healthy in my head / It’s crazy how stable I am” amidst a background refrain of “oohs” and “aahs.” While your head reflexively bobs along to the melody, your brain is compelled to decode the ominous double meanings embedded in her cleverly chosen adjectives.

Her fearlessness to discuss these and other personal topics is referenced in the album’s title, an allusion to exiting Eden and leaving behind all the restrictive cultural norms ingrained in the Biblical “paradise”: tradition, purity, holiness, binary gender, heterosexuality, and the idea that anything is forbidden (especially for women).

Says Abbott, “Out of the Garden represents doing what you want, what you need, without letting anything or anyone stop you — and smiling while you do it.”


  • 1
    Bed Case (2:51)
  • 2
    Joey (2:18)
  • 3
    Control Me (2:54)
  • 4
    Not Likely (2:54)
  • 5
    Pens (3:16)
  • 6
    The Glow (2:24)
  • 7
    Swimming (3:15)
  • 8
    Hang Me (3:29)
  • 9
    Sell My Head (2:33)
  • 10
    Poise (3:09)
  • 11
    Pretty Girls (3:42)


Out of the Garden is just phenomenal… this to me feels like a breakthrough.


[Tancred]’s rocking harder than ever (and sounding more than a little like Speedy Ortiz).

Brooklyn Vegan

Out of the Garden, is a full-on blast of power pop with an angry shadow behind it. Lead singer and songwriter Jess Abbott's voice sounds like it came straight out of 1999; she's got those perfect, subtly nasal pipes that sound like the sweetest, chewiest, most long-lasting bubblegum.

The Fader

“You can sense the catharsis in ("Sell My Head's") defiant, retrospective lyrics and aggressive guitar parts. On top of that there’s the grungy, almost surf-rock bass parts, upbeat drum patterns, and crisp vocals, all of it strongly communicating Abbott’s message.”


Out of the Garden is a gloriously '90s-sounding, punky-pop record with plenty of noisy guitars and gritty drums. Think Letters to Cleo meets Best Coast with a dash of Paramore.

Alternative Press

What Tancred does best is take pretty heavy themes and dress them up in really catchy, really fun rock tunes.


We dare you to listen to Bed Case and not fall instantly in love



  • Bed Case (2:54)
    Jason Lester
  • Pens (3:13)
    Adam Weinberg