Sep 18, 2001

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Owen is the solo project of Mike Kinsella (American Football, Joan of Arc). Although a bit more reflective and earnest, the songs on Owen are very much an extension of Mike's work in American Football, in which he did most of the songwriting and all of the singing.

He wrote, performed, and recorded this album entirely by himself (with just a bit of help from Rainer Maria's Caithlin De Marrais on a couple of vocal tracks).

Once Mike started working on his songs for Owen, playing live followed immediately. Mike went on tour with both Rainer Maria (opening up on three consecutive tours) and played drums with Kaia Fischer on a couple of tours for her Open Ground album.


  • 1
    That Which Wasn't Said (2:11)
  • 2
    Most Days and (5:01)
  • 3
    Most Nights (2:14)
  • 4
    Accidentally (6:18)
  • 5
    Declaration of Incompetence (3:56)
  • 6
    You Should Do It Now While It's On Your Mind (4:13)
  • 7
    Dead Men Don't Lie (3:11)
  • 8
    Places to Go (4:45)
  • 9
    Think About It (7:15)


Acoustic songs, vibrant restrained songs-far more beautiful than the finest moments Elliott Smith or Jeff Buckley...Owen is an important album to share with the important people in your life...a treasure.

Organ UK

Kinsella's first crack at a solo album is beautiful. Laid-back, finely polished, with enough dirt under the nails and rough edges to keep the poignancy alive and well...It will melt your soul.

In Music We Trust

Owen is a gorgeous piece of work.


A delicate set of bittersweet ballads, ethereal tone poems and snippets of sound woven together to flow seamlessly from beginning to end...demonstrates a fragile finesse that's beautiful and beguiling.


The music vibrates with simmering, suppressed passion and has the orchestral sweep of a grand and tragic epic. Songs become intimate soundscapes that chart the convoluted geography of the heart. It's music that's resonant, cathartic, and embracing.

Tallahassee Democrat

Kinsella is adept at creating these little gems of tunes that seem at once fragile and comforting. This is a solid album...obviously well crafted and constructed.


Utterly superb. This is what Coldplay and Travis want to be, but just can't manage.

Atom Tan

Absolutely stunning.

Baby Sue