Palm Reader
Mar 22, 2005

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Picture a Tim Burton film soundtrack on speed and you'll gain a glimpse into the world of Chicago's ZZZZ. Built around ricocheting female and male vocals, ZZZZ marries amplified alto sax, fretless bass, electric piano, and drums to create melodic oddities that drift amongst the outer peripheries of piano concertos, gypsy brass, and No-Wave dance parties.

Features ex-Swing Kids, Sweep the Leg Johnny, and Tekulvi members.


  • 1
    Assassination Polka (4:38)
  • 2
    Forget It (3:30)
  • 3
    Snowball (3:50)
  • 4
    2nd Hand Smoke (5:40)
  • 5
    Ultratumba (6:11)
  • 6
    Bandit King and Queen (4:32)
  • 7
    Railroaded (4:25)
  • 8
    Buncerto (5:07)


ZZZZ aren't about to put anyone to sleep with the story they weave; they're about to blow the roof off of the bedroom until sleep is the last action on your mind.

Comes with a Smile

Fit for both new-wave dance parties and gypsy gatherings.

Punk Planet

A short 8-song introduction, Palm Reader, keeps the behinds in motion and avoids falling into groove-less art damage.


ZZZZ are musicians' musicians- crafty, resourceful and bold.


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