Paris, Texas
Paris, Texas
Oct 6, 1998

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Although this self-titled EP served as an introduction for Madison, WI quintet Paris, Texas, its members were already familiar faces within the Midwest scene. Matt Mangan played guitar in None Left Standing (whose other alumni went on to form The Promise Ring), while Matt Tennessen played bass in Ezra Pound (with Bill and Kaia who later formed Rainer Maria) and eventually became the bassist for Pele.

Chris Rosenau (Pele, Collections of Colonies of Bees) recorded the four songs.


  • 1
    One Heater (2:21)
  • 2
    Dating A Dancer (2:43)
  • 3
    In The Back (3:44)
  • 4
    Without Even Kissing (3:05)


The band play energetic and catchy indie rock that’s very melodic and poppy and has a really punchy, exaggerated quality to it.


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