Diane Coffee
Oct 20, 2017

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Even before he released a note of music as Diane Coffee, Shaun Fleming had put together quite a portfolio of work.

Check out his IMDB page and you’ll find 20+ acting credits as a result of a childhood spent lending his voice talents to Disney. Search YouTube and you’ll find videos from his years as a semi-professional skateboarder. And if you’re familiar with Foxygen, you’ll know that he was the drummer from the band’s inception — before recently departing to put his full-time focus and energy into Diane Coffee.

Often described as “psychedelic Motown,” Fleming’s music has caught the attention of Run the Jewels (who sampled Diane Coffee on RTJ2) and NPR, where he performed a Tiny Desk Concert that gave the whole world a preview of his theatrical approach to performing.

All things considered, it looks as though Fleming’s decision to step out from behind the kit and place himself center stage is what will ultimately be the highlight of an already impressive resume.

Peel features two new and exclusive tracks.


  • 1
    Poor Man Dan (3:11)
  • 2
    Get By (4:33)


"a one-two punch of funk, soul, pop goodness.”

Blown Speakers

“Shaun Fleming’s retro-rock odyssey sails on today with a fresh new track called “Poor Man Dan,” and needless to say, we’re here for it... sending sweet shiny sunbeams of glammy harmonic soul-fed goodness straight into our groggy hearts.”


“For a sudden, two track release, Peel is surprisingly but appropriately boisterous. Shaun Fleming’s history as a Disney performer is evident. Both tracks are highly thematic –embracing a Rocky Horror Picture Show level of theatrics.”

Surviving The Golden Age

"His music is driven with a large horn section and incredible backup vocal ensemble, so you’d be hard pressed to find a track that wasn’t uplifting in one of its facets. But you find that you can’t help it when Coffee’s voice takes on that nostalgic edge, and you’re immediately taken back in time with each line.”

Imperfect Fifth

“...like 80’s anthemic rock mixed with like 50’s soul and 70’s pop and some of those lovable lads from Liverpool: The Beatles.”

Best Song Ever podcast