Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
Apr 8, 2008

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Pershing, the sophomore release from Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, is the next logical step in SSLYBY’s young career. Since the band’s critically acclaimed debut, Broom, they have shared the stage with the likes of Mute Math, of Montreal, Sound Team, Catfish Haven and Chin Up Chin Up to name a few. They toured libraries with cult band Harry and the Potters. They headlined a European tour and even made their way to their namesake’s homeland of Russia!

Now they are raising the bar even higher with Pershing. It has all the attributes that made Broom so endearing; however, while Broom posed SSLYBY as a promising young act on the rise and about to find its way, Pershing seems to act as its mission statement.

On Pershing, SSLYBY works out its adventurous streak by way of quirky chord changes amid massive hooks and addictive melodies. The new model is not only an improvement on the original, but seemingly posits itself as the shape of things to come. The future definitely looks bright for our boys in SSLYBY.

Tracks "Think I Wanna Die," "Glue Girls," "Modern Mystery," "Boring Fountain" and "Dead Right" are sure to be favorites.


  • 1
    Glue Girls (3:26)
  • 2
    Boring Fountain (3:44)
  • 3
    Dead Right (2:20)
  • 4
    The Beach Song (2:48)
  • 5
    Modern Mystery (4:19)
  • 6
    Some Constellation (3:11)
  • 7
    Think I Wanna Die (2:49)
  • 8
    You Could Write a Book (3:13)
  • 9
    Oceanographer (4:45)
  • 10
    HEERS (3:26)
  • 11
    Doris Tailspin (Boring Mountain) (0:56)


An appealing blend of guitar jangles, saccharine vocals and lyrics packed with lady filled allusions, this song is an indie pop rock dream - a pop archetype that sounds both effortless and well crafted - [Glue Girls]


It's refreshing to have a band survive a hypestorm and come out sounding fresh, well studied, and amongst the finest in the present crop of young indie-pop songwriters - [Glue Girls]


Springfield, MO ‘s finest indie group named after a Russian leader continue to craft delightful pop. The wistful chorus on "Beach Song" and the opening guitar line on "Modern Mystery" will have you immediately hooked. If not, the addictive melody on the Elliot Smith-esque "Some Constellation" or the up-tempo "Oceanographer" surely will. -[Advanced listen]

Alternative Press

Lead singers Philip Dickey and John Robert Cardwell are chirpy harmonizers the whole way through, transforming light-as-air tracks like "The Beach Song" and "Heers" into bleeding-heart math puzzles. Some may feel that Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin is a bit soft, but they've got pull like heroin on this addictive sophomore effort -  [8/10]


This Missouri band's music is so plainly likable that they should consider running for public office -- even the off-putting name wouldn't deter any voters who appreciate the shy prettiness of The Shins and the sweeter, least brash moments of the New Pornographers. In fact, you might easily mistake the tuneful melancholy of "Think I Wanna Die" for the latter and the foggy, low-key "Glue Girls" for the former, and that's fine. SSLYBY don't want to cause a ruckus; they'll sway you by thawing hearts and inspiring satisfied nods - [3.5/5 STARS]


Like many long-named buzz bands, SSLYBY makes charming, affable pop music worthy of its playful name. Its home-recorded debut, Broom, sounded like Rivers Cuomo forgot his distortion pedal for Weezer practice. With Pershing following in April, the band is set to remind fans that someone still loves Someone Still Loves Boris Yeltsin.


Broom was a nice, great, or even classic debut, depending on how you weigh the factors around its release and making, and how much you fiend lo-fi pop. Pershing is better in just about every way, and it will be interesting to see how somebody can deny SSLYBY their glory. Just don't let it be you, because there is never a good reason to miss out on pop greatness - [8.1/10]



  • Modern Mystery (4:21)
    Brook Linder
  • Think I Wanna Die (2:53)
    Israel Anthem