Jay Som
Jan 26, 2018

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Pirouette features two never-before-released songs recorded during the same sessions as Jay Som's breakout debut Everybody Works, which landed on Best of 2017 lists from Pitchfork, NPR, Stereogum, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Billboard, and a slew of others.

Musically, these tracks would have been equally at home on that record, as they highlight how Melina Duterte has "perfected that tricky balance between polished ambition and lo-fi charm." (Pitchfork).


"Both of these tracks were made during the spring of 2016 - the first demo stages for Everybody Works. They were fun to write and record but felt out of place on the track list during the finalization of the album. These tracks remain close to my heart and I'm really grateful they're finally out in the world."

-Melina Duterte


  • 1
    Pirouette (4:30)
  • 2
    O.K., Meet Me Underwater (3:00)


"Duterte might feel like she’s spinning out of control, but from an outsider’s perspective, her every step is filled with grace."


"We can’t imagine that “Pirouette” missed the Everybody Works cut by much. The song opens with a sunny, steady chord progression, welcoming in Duterte’s soft vocals and eventually dwindling to only drums and bass before culminating in a lovely, yet volcanic guitar outro."


"a jangly and spritely piece of guitar-pop worthy of its name"

"It’s cut from the same lovely cloth... sharing its sweeping instrumentals and confessional tone; Duterte could be writing an open letter to the cosmos..."

"...the title track is one doozy of a trip. Perhaps owing its nature to its title, "Pirouette" culminates in a dizzying finish, Melina Duterte inviting you into a slow dance. The final few moments of "Pirouette" are a whirring, unstoppable push, gripping you tight with an expansive, experimental sendoff. You can imagine closing your eyes, stretching out your fingertips and spinning breathlessly until silence — a perfect pirouette."

The Grey Estates

“O.K., Meet Me Underwater” opens with a cascading Duterte guitar line that soon drops away, supplanted by her hushed vocals, steady bass and that show-stealing percussion. The song transforms in unpredictable and exciting ways, rippling and changing like liquid."


"a dream pop-leaning tune with some funk sprinkled in that’s driven by its propulsive rhythm section."

Uproxx on "O.K., Meet Me Underwater"

"“Pirouette,” a jaunty leftover from the recording sessions of her standout 2017 album Everybody Works."


"a joyful, brilliant ride that reminds me of sitting on a sunny bus winding the city in the summer time. It's a vibe that'll probably warm up your long-weekend no matter where you are."

The Fader

"It has a sunny California vibe with a healthy dose of synths, smattering of handclaps, and crunchy guitars that accompany contemplative lyrics."

Consequence of Sound

"As we’ve become to expect from Melina, it’s a tune filled with beautifully lilting and fuzzed out melodies, but with some sharp guitar licks in there for good measure."


"...a brand new fierce-but-sleek banger ready to stream."

Tiny Mix Tapes

""Pirouette" is the kind of jangly, feel-good guitar rock that could have easily sounded like a million other records. But not in Jay Som's hands—there's a patience to her songwriting that lets each instrument have its moment, no two parts ever really repeating."

Pigeons and Planes
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