Sunday's Best
Poised to Break
Oct 24, 2000

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After an EP on Crank! and a 7" on Better Looking Records, Sunday's Best released Poised to Break, its debut full-length, on Polyvinyl in 2000. The album is an eclectic ten song diary, simultaneously quixotic yet personal.

Members have since gone on to form The Bronx (James Tweedy) and The Little Ones (Ed Reyes and Ian Moreno).


  • 1
    The Hardest Part (3:31)
  • 2
    Bruise Blue (3:41)
  • 3
    White Picket Fences (3:35)
  • 4
    Saccharine (3:48)
  • 5
    Indian Summer (3:18)
  • 6
    When Is Pearl Harbor Day? (4:05)
  • 7
    In Beats Like Trains (4:13)
  • 8
    Looks Like A Mess (5:50)
  • 9
    Winter-Owned (2:50)
  • 10
    Congratulations (16:37)


Sunday's Best delivers sharp, melodic power-pop-emo with intriguing lyrics...

In Music We Trust

You know how sometimes a song can awaken a long forgotten memory or make you reminisce about parts of your life? Like a half forgotten childhood summer. That's this entire CD.

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