Aug 4, 2009

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Building on the buzz of 2008's Lullaby Death Jams and 2007's All Lies, Japandroids' debut full-length, Post-Nothing, was released in 2009 and immediately began garnering critical acclaim. Four months later, the record was named on numerous year-end lists -- earning best-of-2009 honors from Pitchfork, Spin, Stereogum, NME, Exclaim and many, many more.

Tired of being forced to pick a label for their music, Brian (guitar) and Dave (drums) decided that their sound was simply "post-nothing." These nine gems confirm this: running the gauntlet of rock 'n roll sub-genres to the point that the boys are ripping off too many different bands to sound like any other duo making music right now.

Gaining just as much positive press for its amazing live shows, Japandroids have played more than 200 concerts across North America and Europe to sold-out crowds who can’t get enough of the band’s loud, heartfelt music. There’s no end in sight – just more tours, more sweat, more chasing after “sunshine girls.”


#15 - Pitchfork #16 - SPIN #25 - The Onion A.V. Club #39 - NME


  • 1
    The Boys Are Leaving Town (3:59)
  • 2
    Young Hearts Spark Fire (5:03)
  • 3
    Wet Hair (3:10)
  • 4
    Rockers East Vancouver (4:30)
  • 5
    Heart Sweats (4:23)
  • 6
    Crazy/Forever (6:02)
  • 7
    Sovereignty (3:32)
  • 8
    I Quit Girls (4:55)


"[W]hat makes Post-Nothing such a thrill is the manner in which Japandroids hold absolutely nothing back. As contagious as any of the lyrics, melodies, riffs, or drum fills are, their energy and lack of self-consciousness is every bit as equally lovable. - 8.3 Best New Music"


"A million years ago, a label called SST briefly held a monopoly on everything awesome in indie rock —the Minutemen, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Black Flag,Hüsker Dü. And if the young Vancouver band calledJapandroids had been around then, SST would have put them out, too."

NY Magazine

"Japandroids have a point of view (young, male, infatuated with the promise of the present) and an M.O. (excellently fuzzed-out garage rock played as if at the apocalypse), but more impressively, they've mastered another secret to swaying the public: confidence without smugness."


"[Post-Nothing] has the beauty of controlled chaos, it's emotive yet carefree and secure."


"[Japandroid's] debut full-length, Post Nothing, is a starry-eyed blast of Clinton-era crunch, each of its eight songs a sweaty salve for quarter-life miseries, or better yet, girl problems."

The Onion (A.V. Club)

"Japandroids are utterly amazing."


"Even those who believe that there’s nothing new to express with a guitar, drums and two voices may have their jaded hearts melted by Japandroids’ blue-flame exuberance."

Greg Kot / Chicago Tribune