Rainer Maria
Rainer Maria
Aug 6, 1996

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Self-recorded on a 4-track with a little help from friend Kevin Ley, this self-titled EP heralded the arrival of Rainer Maria and its patented boy-girl vocal trade-off between Kaia Fischer and Caithlin De Marrais.

Originally the EP was scheduled as a 2x7". However, when the tapes were sent for mastering, it was discovered that all of the songs would not fit onto four sides. In response, the band scratched the old artwork and designed a new pastel art cover (guitarist Kaia Fischer penned the handwriting) to compliment the compact disc.


  • 1
    Summer and Longer (3:28)
  • 2
    I Love You Too (2:44)
  • 3
    Rain Yr Hand (4:22)
  • 4
    Portland (4:29)
  • 5
    Ian (2:32)
  • 6
    Made In Secret (2:22)

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