Asobi Seksu
Nov 10, 2009

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One of the last albums ever recorded at London’s renowned Olympic Studios (The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Who), Rewolf finds Asobi Seksu’s core duo—vocalist Yuki Chikudate and guitarist James Hanna—affording listeners a fresh take on songs spanning the band’s career.

Here, Asobi Seksu replaces its sonic layer of guitars with beautiful new arrangements achieved through the use of mostly acoustic instruments.

Recorded on an off day during the band's 2008 UK tour, Rewolf is a collection of songs that re-imagine the texturized dream-pop of Asobi Seksu's three prior full-lengths (Hush, Citrus and Asobi Seksu). In addition, the album features tracks previously only available as B-sides and a cover of Hope Sandoval’s (Mazzy Star) "Suzanne."


  • 1
    Breathe Into Glass (at Olympic Studios) (3:12)
  • 2
    Walk on the Moon (at Olympic Studios) (3:56)
  • 3
    Meh No Mae (at Olympic Studios) (3:29)
  • 4
    New Years (at Olympic Studios) (3:11)
  • 5
    Blind Little Rain (at Olympic Studios) (2:40)
  • 6
    Urusai Tori (at Olympic Studios) (2:56)
  • 7
    Suzanne (at Olympic Studios) (3:35)
  • 8
    Gliss (at Olympic Studios) (4:05)
  • 9
    Familiar Light (at Olympic Studios) (3:17)
  • 10
    Thursday (at Olympic Studios) (4:24)