Tu Fawning
Jul 8, 2008

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Tu Fawning is the new project of Joe Haege and Corrina Repp. The collaboration stemmed from a mutual desire to achieve something outside the bounds of their other projects, 31Knots (Haege) and Corrina Repp.

One look at the liner notes finds Haege all over Corrina Repp's The Absent and The Distant, which was released on Mark Kozelek's (Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon) label Caldo Verde. Then the roles were reversed as Repp appeared on 31Knots' ep:Polemics and The Days and Nights off Everything Anywhere (both released on Polyvinyl).

Haege has also served as Repp's backing "band" for tours they have done with Mark Kozelek and Norfolk and Western, playing drums, piano, samples and singing. This is truly when the ideas for what would become Tu Fawning began to take shape.

Under this new moniker, Haege and Repp are able to fully realize their palette of piano, drums, percussion, guitar, vocals and samples. The end result is a hybrid of their own individual sounds coming together, but it feels and sounds so natural -- like something more than the sum of its parts. It's as if the frantic nature of 31Knots has caught its breath and Corrina Repp has found herself finally uninhibited to sing in front of some antiquated tribal music of hymns and ballads.

Both Haege and Repp have been touring internationally for many years now. They have individually shared the stage with the likes of Cat Power, The Decemberists, Modest Mouse and Menomena to name a few. Together under the Tu Fawning moniker they already have a European tour under their belt as well as quickly becoming one of the most recognizable bands in the local music scene in Portland.


  • 1
    Tiptoe (0:58)
  • 2
    Out Like Bats (3:33)
  • 3
    Sound You Warn (4:15)
  • 4
    I'm Gone (6:11)
  • 5
    In Silence, We Reached The Palisades (3:57)
  • 6
    Diamond in the Forest (4:57)


Tu Fawning breaks the folk mold by creating atmospheric chamber rock.  Repp's stunning voice soars and dips around chants and drumming, saving the song from being just a Beirut wannabe.

Venus Zine

Tu Fawning feels like a gem from the past.  A layer of history covers the soft echoing reverb painted vocals of Corinna Repp and lost basement melodies of Joe Haege.

Pasta Primavera

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