Sing Out America!
Mar 8, 2005

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Sing Out America! is a direct by-product of Decibully's hectic tour schedule. Its third album (but the first to be written entirely by the band as a cohesive septet from start to finish) is the most consistent and representative work of the band to date.

Electric and acoustic guitars soar alongside banjo, multiple percussion, lap steel, Rhodes, and a rhythm section unparalleled in its ability to hold seven musicians together at once. Decibully have pulled no punches here. From start-to-finish, Sing Out America! captures the minds and seduces the ears of those who appreciate superb instrumentation and songwriting.


  • 1
    I'm Gonna Tell You (4:51)
  • 2
    Megan & Magill (3:17)
  • 3
    Rid Of Me At Last (3:23)
  • 4
    Notes To Our Leaders (3:18)
  • 5
    Sing Out! Sing Out! Sing Out! (3:39)
  • 6
    Let's Eat Our Mistakes (4:52)
  • 7
    Temptation (2:52)
  • 8
    Penny, Look Down (2:11)
  • 9
    Colorful Music (4:04)
  • 10
    You & Me & Everyone (3:42)


[T]his...album made me feel amazing


Utilizes tasteful touches of lap steel and keyboards to create striking, delicate, occasionally country-ish pop.

The Onion

An album of tight melodies, beautiful vocals, intricate instrumentation, and a more moody songwriting approach.

Delusions of Adequacy

Sing Out America! succeeds at both hooking you to its memorable choruses, deliciously-placed banjos and sweeping Rhodes pianos while creating moody, atmospheric layers...


An intriguing album that finally does justice to the energy of their live shows.

The Buzz


  • Penny, Look Down (2:19)
    Austin Alward

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