Fred Thomas
Sink Like a Symphony
Aug 8, 2006

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Released by: Corleone

From the Corleone website:

A step away from the ultra-bubblegum glitter of SLGTM, but still rooted in the magic of the pop song, the music on Sink is heartbreakingly serious, ridiculously personal and still stuck in your head all day.

Akin to the hyper-wordy spiritual side of Neutral Milk Hotel or the experimental lo-fidelity alchemy of The Microphones, these songs clatter and shake with hope and pain, always on the virge of falling into themselves, and sometimes do, coming out of a two minute pop song into a fuzz explosion or a five-minute drum circle.

The album is strong and deliberate, honing years of four-track sonnets and bringing this special breed of basement heartstring pop music into a new, bold place.

This album is a strong companion to later SLGTM material, and found Fred touring solo more than ever before. Includes favorites "Holland Tunnel" & "Wet As A Cloud."


  • 1
    I Fell In Love With the World (2:58)
  • 2
    I Built a House (3:00)
  • 3
    Wet As a Cloud (2:51)
  • 4
    Holland Tunnel (3:30)
  • 5
    Ethan (0:59)
  • 6
    Fire (4:05)
  • 7
    Susceptible to Ghosts (3:15)
  • 8
    Wingspan (4:09)
  • 9
    Human Hands Made the Highways (2:24)
  • 10
    Apples on the Floor (5:30)
  • 11
    Yo-Yo Tricks (4:03)
  • 12
    O Sweet Undoing (3:49)
  • 13
    The Curse Is Broken! On to New Curses! (5:53)
  • 14
    Wednesday Night (2:29)