Sixth in Sixes
Sep 13, 2005

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Love them or hate them, you'll never forget them.

Over the years xbxrx's style of joyous musical assault has been championed by many major figures in underground rock -- having opened on tours with admirers such as Sonic Youth, Peaches, Unwound, Mr. Quintron, Deerhoof and Q and Not U, as well as worked with accomplished producers like Steve Albini, Ian MacKaye, Vern Rumsey and Tim Kerr.

On Sixth in Sixes (the band's fourth full-length and first for Poyvinyl), xbxrx reveals a newfound musical growth and maturity over the course of 18 succinct and varied tracks. Mating a post-hardcore guitar onslaught with articulate experimentation and intense, cathartic vocals, xbxrx creates relentlessly modern rock music that is as chilling as it is invigorating.


  • 1
    Paradosis (0:15)
  • 2
    Deaf Ears, Silent Voice (1:32)
  • 3
    Gold Cross (1:52)
  • 4
    Regret (1:24)
  • 5
    Fabricated Progression (1:05)
  • 6
    Hope Until We Can't (1:23)
  • 7
    Euporia (0:31)
  • 8
    The End of Quitting (0:53)
  • 9
    Deceiver's Voice (1:31)
  • 10
    Beat Rolls On (2:20)
  • 11
    Pigs Wear Blue (1:28)
  • 12
    Sixth Extinction (1:16)
  • 13
    Breathing (1:29)
  • 14
    Against the Odds (1:54)
  • 15
    Self Indulgent (0:56)
  • 16
    Self Concept (1:48)
  • 17
    Make Force (1:11)
  • 18
    In Memory of Our Lives (2:45)


They burst with spastic and sharp shifts and changes and surprisingly full and melodious layers.... Sixth in Sixes is unruly, unrelenting, and unavoidable.

Rasputin Manifesto

You have to hear this album, you have to see them live - before XBXRX changes everyone else's lives too.

Rasputin Manifesto

Sixth in Sixes is a startling maturation and evolution by a band that was already the saving grace of the willfully stale post-hardcore underground.


Sixth in Sixes is easily the best album released so far this year: a beast that will not be ignored, shoved aside, or defeated.


Simply wonderful.

Vice (5/5)

xbxrx could be the last best hope for rock 'n' roll.

Punk Planet


  • Pigs Wear Blue (1:28)
    xbxrx with Ryan Junell