of Montreal
Skeletal Lamping
Oct 21, 2008

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    • Includes 4 foot x 3 foot horse poster.
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Skeletal Lamping may be bizarre, complicated, and dense, but it's also extremely catchy and packed with slinky grooves that demand a physical response. Instantly ingratiating hooks abound as Kevin Barnes' compositions constantly mutate and shape-shift in ways that defy conventional pop song structure and album sequencing. Nevertheless, the record has its own internal logic, and its many tangents and detours feel entirely intuitive and organic in context. The movements mimic the shapeless, mystifying mingling of thoughts and emotions in the human mind, so even the most deliberately jarring transitions evoke a sudden shift in attention that is recognizable and commonplace, but rarely emulated in mainstream music.

Though of Montreal have never been strangers to expressing sexuality in their music, Skeletal Lamping finds Barnes fully immersed in the topic. Throughout the record, sexuality is presented as a broad continuum encompassing a wide range of experiences, anxieties, emotions and orientations. Barnes openly explores sex and gender roles without insecurity. He attempts to bring all of his fantasies, and terrors, to the surface, so as to better understand the machinery behind them. In Skeletal Lamping, Barnes argues that identity is fluid, malleable, and limited only by one's imagination.

The CD packaging is a completely unique 32-panel fold-out/pop-up art piece by David Barnes and Gemini Tactics. The deluxe gatefold 2xLP on 180 gram vinyl includes printed innersleeves and a giant die-cut horse poster.

This is a part of the Skeletal Lamping Collection.

Skeletal Lamping existed in seven different packaging formats: CD, LP, T-shirt, tote bag, button set, paper lantern, and wall decals. Each item in the Skeletal Lamping Collection included both the digital album and its unique packaging of the album art.


  • 1
    Nonpareil of Favor (5:49)
  • 2
    Wicked Wisdom (5:00)
  • 3
    For Our Elegant Caste (2:34)
  • 4
    Touched Something's Hollow (1:25)
  • 5
    An Eluardian Instance (4:35)
  • 6
    Gallery Piece (3:48)
  • 7
    Women's Studies Victims (2:59)
  • 8
    St. Exquistie's Confessions (4:35)
  • 9
    Triphallus, To Punctuate! (3:22)
  • 10
    And I've Seen a Bloody Shadow (2:23)
  • 11
    Plastis Wafer (7:11)
  • 12
    Death Is Not a Parallel Move (3:01)
  • 13
    Beware Our Nubile Miscreants (4:52)
  • 14
    Mingusings (3:01)
  • 15
    Id Engager (3:25)


The Skeletal Lamping LP is easily the best vinyl package of 2008, both in look and concept, and could very well be the best vinyl package of 2009 -- that is, if of Montreal doesn't top themselves with their next release.

Performer Magazine

A soulful romp through psychedelic melodies and sprawling noise-scapes, Skeletal is also a whimsical, Girl Talk-style pastiche, with 15 tracks that consist of a multitude of song fragments.

Rolling Stone Magazine

Skeletal Lamping is a new high for this long-running yet just-peaking band.


'Epic' is the only way to describe the balance of Skeletal Lamping--Barnes isn't afraid to throw everything on tape.

Prefix Magazine

Skeletal Lamping is a nonstop 58 minute romp through discordant sounds and combating personas...Psych pop set to the swagger of Prince and the rhythm of Curtis Mayfield, Skeletal Lamping is the Modern mix-CD in the purest sense of the word.


Lamping is a complex, strange trip you won't soon forget.


A consciousness set to shuffle, of Montreal's Skeletal Lamping pours in wave after wave of sudden layered harmonies, disco-McCartney basslines, glammy confessions and impenetrable twin-talk too intense to characterize any one song as any one thing

Paste Magazine


  • An Eluardian Instance (4:41)
    Jesse Ewles
  • Mingusings (3:09)
    Nick Gould
  • Id Engager (3:25)

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