Sky Signal
Jan 25, 2005

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Ostensibly the solo project of drummer/songwriter Mike Kennedy (matt pond PA, Lefty's Deceiver, Mesmer), Audible began to take shape in 2001 with the additions of guitarist Jim Kehoe (matt pond PA) and vocalist/keyboardist Mary Garito.

However, due to its members' touring commitments with matt pond PA, the Philadelphia-based band did not release any music until 2004 (a split EP with Adam Arcuragi). After another split release later that year (with Swivel Chairs), Audible delivered its full-length debut, Sky Signal, in early 2005.

Combining Brian Eno-esque layering and superb songwriting, Sky Signal was hailed by critics for its unassuming pop sensibilities and gentle co-ed vocal harmonies.

Recorded by Brian McTear (The Nature of Maps, The Green Fury).


  • 1
    October Song (3:05)
  • 2
    Sky Signal (4:35)
  • 3
    From The Third Floor (4:14)
  • 4
    Sunday Bell (3:43)
  • 5
    We Were Wrong (3:22)
  • 6
    Five Pirates (3:40)
  • 7
    Chase The Kids Away (4:32)
  • 8
    Motorcycle (2:50)
  • 9
    Sound Makes A Circle (4:09)
  • 10
    Finally Found (4:12)


Will undoubtedly be remembered as one of 2005's best indie discs.

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Instantly memorable songs that you'll be humming to yourself after just one listen.


[P]rogresses from one excellent track to the next in perfect unison...

Downright irresistible.

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Everything seems so effortless and perfect.

Sweet, sweeping tracks...


Audible's homespun sound is filled up with a soothing sing-songy solace layered in wavering lyrics and instrumentals of all kinds.

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