Paris, Texas
So, You Think It's Hot Here?
Oct 19, 1999

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Paris, Texas is about roots. It's all about five fellas throwing their musical experiences and tastes at the wall to see what sticks. So, You Think It's Hot Here? is part pop, part punk, part Ian Svenonius, part Pele and all Paris, Texas.

The band throws all musical inhibitions and genre-driven nametags out the window, melding jazz-like rhythm and jangly-rock guitars with quirky lyricism.


  • 1
    Cadillac of High Hair (3:30)
  • 2
    Four Feet (2:54)
  • 3
    Das Wolf (3:18)
  • 4
    Silver (2:32)
  • 5
    Heart Full of Napalm (2:57)
  • 6
    Cemetary City (3:06)
  • 7
    The Driver (3:11)
  • 8
    Lt. Peterson (2:31)
  • 9
    Goodbye (2:35)
  • 10
    Rotten Apples (3:05)


These boys come with high praise, and rightly so. This is a darn fine collection of emo-tinged power pop. Yeah, I could take the easy road and list a bunch of bands they may or may not sound like, but instead I’m just gonna say that there are several very wonderful, goosebump-inducing, jump-kick-off-your-bed-type songs, and you would do yourself a-ok to get in on this.

Angelo Madrigale

Raucous, upbeat songs highly spirited in twenty-something optimism…with ringing Buzzcocks guitars, the drums and bass tangle. Scott Sherpe’s inimitable vocal style conjures images of a youthful Dylan or Iggy wearing tight black leather pants singing for a real honest to goodness garage band.

Keith York

You’ve got jazzy, playful bass with jangly guitars on top and a singer who sounds like he could’ve fronted Nation of Ulysses…mods and emo geeks, unite!


An album of driving pop—full of infectious hooks and choruses that beg the listener to sing along. Paris, Texas demonstrates a sound that combines edgy, flamboyant vocals and guitar with a more gentle and sincere bass and drums. So, You Think It’s Hot Here? proves that no matter how barren the physical landscape, bands like Paris, Texas can still make pop music with a driving attitude and backbone.

Lisa Gunter

Paris, Texas can exemplify the next generation of emo bands with their clean indie-rock pop beats and their fun lyrics. This record oozes fun and every listen has you dancing around your room.


They write catchy, sing along type songs, yet they mess around with the structure and throw loopholes into what seems like an otherwise perfectly normal pop tune.

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