Some Echoes
Apr 11, 2006

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Aloha is a union of four friends and collaborators who live hundreds of miles away from one another, yet spend most of their time writing, playing, and talking about music together. The result? A stunning body of work that continues to flourish with the band's fourth release, Some Echoes.

Aloha loves a little bit of everything (60s orchestral pop, prog rock, 20th century composers, iconic songwriters), but they don't dabble here and there. Instead, they meld it all together to make their own singular and unmistakable sound.


  • 1
    Brace Your Face (6:27)
  • 2
    Big Morning (1:52)
  • 3
    Your Eyes (4:19)
  • 4
    Ice Storming (4:22)
  • 5
    Between The Walls (2:44)
  • 6
    Come Home (5:59)
  • 7
    Weekend (3:15)
  • 8
    Summer Lawn (3:01)
  • 9
    If I Lie Down (3:42)
  • 10
    Mountain (3:18)


Sometimes the stars align, effort pays off, and a record is born that is so achingly beautiful that just listening to it is almost embarrassing-as if the mere act of hearing it would ruin something.

Under the Radar

It's prog without pretense, pop with a brain; every perfectly recorded note is necessary in order to propel itself into the next, leaving it impossible to focus on any particular instrument or voice without being immediately and happily drawn to another.

Under the Radar

...Some Echoes starts out as a good album, by the end it reveals itself as the best thing they've ever done... -- 8.0/10


Never has Aloha sounded so tight, so completely in control of its sound, so assured of that sound.

Delusions of Adequacy

From beginning to end, Some Echoes merits attentive and repeated listening, and the reward for those who do so is the music itself.

Hybrid Magazine

Stunningly relentless.

Lost at Sea

A beautiful concoction of masterful percussion, feather-light vocals and elaborate song structures that are sure to please even the hardest-hearted listeners.

Treble Zine

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