Cale Parks
Nov 4, 2008

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A little over a year after the release of his debut solo album, lluminated Manuscript, Cale Parks returns with Sparklace.

Although little time had passed, there is a stark contrast between the two albums. Sparklace stands as a more immediate album than its predecessor -- focusing on songs with a pop structure whereas Parks’ previous output was more ambient and minimalisitc.

Recorded in his home, every sound is original. If there is a drum sample, it is from Parks’ drum set. The vibraphone is sampled as well. To say Parks has found his voice, is to miss the point. Rather, the sound of Sparklace is singular and electronic with born digital sounds.

There is no wasted space, not a snare out of place. Listen carefully as it settles in -- fragile, but not without momentum.

Best known as the classically trained drummer and percussionist for Aloha, Parks has also recorded with Joan of Arc, White Williams and Passion Pit .


  • 1
    Intro (New Castle) (1:03)
  • 2
    Every Week Ends (3:53)
  • 3
    Train Lady (4:40)
  • 4
    Early On (5:06)
  • 5
    Age of Reform (3:46)
  • 6
    This Morning (2:33)
  • 7
    Two Haunt Me (4:26)
  • 8
    A Long Time In the Air (3:14)
  • 9
    Some Sew, Some Find (3:54)
  • 10
    Outro (New York) (1:35)


"Every Week Ends" oozes a wistful 1980s vibe similar to M83's "Kim and Jessie", complete with those big, fist-in-the-air, Breakfast-Club drums.


A slow Beach Boys dreamy pop mentality of Aloha and the unorthodox Zappa like approach White Williams brings to the table.

Pasta Primavera

In terms of indie-electronica, Cale Parks has truly found a voice all his own and it's a damn interesting one with all the musicianship and outthrust cajones to back it up.

Heave Media

"Two Haunt Me". The central question in the melancholy dab of bedsit electronica is "Where did we go wrong?" Parks' beautifully resigned melody and restless synthscape suggest no easy answers.

SPIN Magazine

Best album that revives dark 80's electro-synth without being lame.

Anthem Magazine


  • Every Week Ends (3:54)
    Adam Bennett

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