Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
Tape Club
Oct 18, 2011

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Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin has never been the type of band to write and record only when it's time to release a new album.

Prolific writers with a penchant for recording, the group's constant devotion to the art of songwriting has equipped them with a myriad of material spanning the entire length of their 10 years together.

And now, with three full-length releases to their credit, the members of SSLYBY feel it's time to properly unveil a portion of the songs from their extensive catalog.

The result is Tape Club -- a carefully curated 26-song collection that serves as the culmination of a decade's worth of writing and recording above and beyond what could be included on their previous records and which stands by itself as a truly unique album.

Tape Club documents the story of the band aurally -- beginning with lo-fi home recordings (of the type found on their self-recorded debut Broom) and ending with more polished studio tracks (like those found on the Chris Walla-produced Let It Sway).

For those unfamiliar with SSLYBY, Tape Club serves as an introduction to the evolution of the band's musical vision, while at the same time providing surprises for even the most ardent of fans.


  • 1
    The Clod and the Pebble (2:52)
  • 2
    Let's Get Tired (2:14)
  • 3
    What'll We Do (demo) (2:02)
  • 4
    Song W + Song L (3:16)
  • 5
    Sweet Owl (2:25)
  • 6
    Spinning Sea (1:19)
  • 7
    Tin Floor 51 (2:11)
  • 8
    Lower the Gas Prices, Howard Johnson (2:58)
  • 9
    Go Upstairs (2:10)
  • 10
    Bigger Than Yr Yard (2:37)
  • 11
    Half-Awake (Deb) (2:17)
  • 12
    Not Worth Fighting (3:02)
  • 13
    New Day (3:42)
  • 14
    Coming Through (4:49)
  • 15
    Dead Right (Wilmington demo) (2:08)
  • 16
    We Can Win Missouri (2:45)
  • 17
    Same Speed (2:06)
  • 18
    Cardinal Rules (2:20)
  • 19
    Chili Cook-Off (3:01)
  • 20
    Song 1000 (1:34)
  • 21
    Phantomwise (demo) (1:08)
  • 22
    Back in the Saddle (demo) (2:28)
  • 23
    Yellow Missing Signs (2:37)
  • 24
    Letter Divine (3:42)
  • 25
    Bended (4:57)
  • 26
    Bastard of Rome (3:10)


'Yellow Missing Signs,' 'Letter Divine,' 'Bended' and 'Bastard of Rome' are all welcome additions to any SSLYBY fan’s collection.


The rawness is real; the love is palatable. Any true fan of the band needs this record.

Tape Club’s winning collection of songs should finally get some well-deserved exposure

Consequence of Sound

Sometimes an album of B-sides and rarities winds up spawning incredible gems, and that's what SSLYBY's Tape Club is promising with this awesome unreleased track (Yellow Missing Signs)

Baeble Music

Tape Club shows off SSLYBY as a group of gentle geniuses, less concerned with flashy moments, rather letting their slow stewing tunes melt into every part of the listeners emotional core...the album shines from open to close.

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