Mates of State
Team Boo
Sep 16, 2003

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On their third album Mates of State discovered the perfect studio environment to capture their unique blend of vintage Yamaha organ, drums, off-kilter harmonies, and the unique dynamism that holds it all together.

Team Boo was recorded and mixed over three weeks at both Willie Nelson's Pedernales and Jim Eno's The Garage studios. Behind the knobs were Jim Eno (of Spoon) and John Croslin (who recorded Mates' My Solo Project and has worked with Spoon, Beulah, Guided By Voices, Waylon Jennings and countless others).

Craig Montoro (of Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!) even managed to drop by to add some trumpet parts.

All told, Jim and John managed to chronicle one of Mates of State's most infectious and versatile albums. And for anyone who's wondering if Willie dropped by for a spell -- he did.


  • 1
    Ha Ha (2:59)
  • 2
    Whiner's Bio (2:32)
  • 3
    Fluke (2:48)
  • 4
    Open Book (3:39)
  • 5
    Middle is Gold (4:24)
  • 6
    The Kissaway (3:39)
  • 7
    Gotta Get a Problem (2:42)
  • 8
    Parachutes (Funeral Song) (3:47)
  • 9
    An Experiment (4:15)
  • 10
    Sound it Off (3:24)
  • 11
    I Got This Feelin' (3:07)
  • 12
    Separate the People (2:54)


Every track here is a winner.


Team Boo, holds the exceptional musicianship to please any hardcore Pop lover.


It is earnest (and perky) and that's exactly what makes this simple pop album so great.


Mates of State are always reliable for melodically satisfying albums. Their daring vocal acrobatics, their wacky song structures (or lack thereof) and sonic quirkiness pay off again and again, whether it is on the danceable ‘Fluke' or uncharacteristically pretty ‘Parachutes.'

Knot Mag

Completely delightful.


Exciting, fresh, and filled with humour and love...This is unashamedly joyous, unconventional pop and is more addictive than injecting a gallon of smack.

The National Student

Team Boo demonstrates not a fundamental change in sound, but the perfection thereof.


I guarantee you that you will fall in love with this disc just as I have. This is by far the most diverse, most unique, and all-around best album to come out today.

They have concocted a record that leaps out of the speakers with a feeling of manic joy and excitement.

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  • Ha Ha (3:11)
    Danny McCullough and James Erskine
  • Fluke (2:53)
    G.J. Echternkamp