Stagnant Pools
Temporary Room
Aug 7, 2012

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Stagnant Pools are Bryan and Douglass Enas, two brothers (21 and 22) from Bloomington, Indiana.

With just one guitar and a drum kit, they make music which the Chicago Reader describes as "drone-heavy, slate-gray art-rock that should appeal to fans of Disappears, Joy Division, and Sonic Youth records from back when they were still actually scary." After a couple of DIY releases, the sibling duo spent one day in the studio recording their debut full-length Temporary Room.

With a tour van as a recent graduation present, and shows under their belt with EMA and labelmates Japandroids, they’re releasing Temporary Room this summer and then hitting the road.


  • 1
    Illusions (3:42)
  • 2
    Dead Sailor (2:12)
  • 3
    Jumpsuit (3:39)
  • 4
    Solitude (4:02)
  • 5
    Temporary Room (2:34)
  • 6
    Stun (2:39)
  • 7
    Consistency (4:08)
  • 8
    Dreaming of You (3:19)
  • 9
    Frozen (3:41)
  • 10
    Maze of Graves (3:09)
  • 11
    Alternate Ending (2:43)
  • 12
    Waveland (4:02)


Something tells me Stagnant Pools are going to end up much more than Bloomington big.

Chicago Reader

The band sounds ready to escape something here, as a bucking rhythm and Strokes-like melody peeks through a hovering coal-dust cloud of distorted guitar sustain and reverb


Sonically overwhelming, lyrically chilling, musically challenging, with subtle nods to the likes of Joy Division and Sonic Youth. This is the best album we’ve heard in 2012. Period. 

The Dumbing of America

Musically, the band has clearly found inspiration from the likes of Joy Division, Disappears, and The Jesus and Mary Chain, with an emphasis on heavy waves of drone and lots of visceral fuzz to create a slate-gray soundscape that’s as frightening as it is aggressive. 

Consequence of Sound

[It's] super muddy and soaked in reverb and distortion, but somewhere in this band's late '80s/early '90s record collection of noisy post-punk and shoegaze, must lie a scratched up, overplayed copy of Is This It that can't help but leave its mark on these songs.

Brooklyn Vegan Chicago

One of the year's more arresting debuts. (4/5)

Alternative Press

I can see big things in the future for this fraternal duo.

Culture Mob