The Curse of the Longest Day
Jul 12, 2005

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The Curse of the Longest Day marks 31Knots' transition from math rock to a sound that incorporates more classical influences.

The group's first release on Polyvinyl features four songs of guitar, samples, piano, bass, vocals, and drums. Includes bonus track.

Previously available only as a Japanese import.


  • 1
    Welcome To Stop (4:49)
  • 2
    The Corpse and The Carcass (5:03)
  • 3
    Untitled (1:24)
  • 4
    The Story of Ivan Normal (4:33)
  • 5
    Coward With Claws (4:54)


Coming across like a sober, no bullshit, baby brother to the last Mars Volta record, it is five tracks of realized perfection. Guitars scream like buttrock, then shutter, stop, and stretch out in moody, simmering, boiling, rainy-day expanses. And then-when you least expect it-they come on heavy again. The drums (Jay Pellicci) and bass (Jay Winebrenner) are almost robotic, and I wouldn't feel bad calling them that if they weren't so warm and human feeling...

Portland Mercury

An EP that presents a unity of vision with no discernable chinks. I'd say I expect great things from 31Knots if I didn't think they've already accomplished them.  Now it's just a matter of waiting for the word to spread.


Polished, shiny, sparkling indie rock gem.


31Knots is one of the few bands to never let me down - be it live or on record.

Punk Planet

31Knots occupy their own genre.

Punk Planet

I have never heard anyone play guitar like Joe Haege. His blending of jazz, math-rock, prog, and balls-out rock results in a masterpiece. And, not only is his guitar playing incredible, but his voice also leads 31Knots.

Punk Planet

31Knots may be one of the most (if not the most) underrated bands. They’re geniuses at work - 31Knots are blazing their own territory. Consistent, interesting, talented, and innovative. What other adjectives do you need?

Punk Planet

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