The Days and Nights of Everything Anywhere
Mar 6, 2007

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Portland, Oregon's prolific 31Knots have described its sound as "post-apocalyptic Vaudevillian punk," and while that's an apt description, it doesn't begin to express the level of demented pop brilliance on the band's fourth full-length, The Days and Nights of Everything Anywhere.

From the stuttering sequenced intro of the opener "Beauty" to the airy ambient ending of the closer "Walk With Caution," The Days and Nights of Everything Anywhere is the complete realization of the sound 31Knots has been working toward for the last nine years.

Thanks to an expert mixing job by Deerhoof's Greg Saunier and engineering by Jay Pellicci, 31Knots have transformed their musical landscape into a skewed fantasy world located somewhere between Alice In Wonderland and Cursive's Happy Hollow.


  • 1
    Beauty (3:39)
  • 2
    Sanctify (3:49)
  • 3
    Savage Boutique (4:57)
  • 4
    Man Become Me (3:45)
  • 5
    The Salted Tongue (4:50)
  • 6
    Hit List Shakes (Inconvenience Of You) (6:08)
  • 7
    Everything in Letters (3:36)
  • 8
    The Days And Nights Of Lust And Presumption (1:18)
  • 9
    Imitation Flesh (1:34)
  • 10
    Pulse of a Decimal (4:01)
  • 11
    Walk with Caution (4:36)


Joe Haege, Jay Winebrenner, and Jay Pellicci have taken their biggest artistic leap yet.

It's damn risky, likening a band to both Fugazi and King Crimson.  But hell, 31Knots manage to marry the best elements of both.


The word ‘prog' gets bandied about habitually these days.  31Knots play challenging rock music, but it's caustic and truly progressive, with an opinion and an urgency backing up its trickery.

Under the Radar

there is ample substantive music here, borne out of challenging expressions and executed with skill.

Delusions of Adequacy

There are a plenty of bands that consistently make good records. Rarer, however, is the band that consistently releases albums that are better than the previous, without those previous albums being left in the shade. Sleater-Kinney fell into that category, and so does Wilco. Add 31Knots to the list. For the past several years they've been making albums of ornate and exciting and intelligent rock that just keeps getting better.

The PhiLL(er)


  • Beauty (4:21)
    Morgen Dye

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