(the ep)
May 4, 2004

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Owen aka Mike Kinsella (American Football, Joan of Arc) returns with five new songs that are as wry and biting as ever.

Kinsella is joined by Cale Parks on vibraphone, Bob Hoffnar (Norah Jones, Ryan Adams) on pedal steel, Jen Tabor on cello and violin, and Paul Koob (Joan of Arc) on vibraphone and violoncello.


  • 1
    Skin and Bones (4:40)
  • 2
    In the Morning, Before Work (3:35)
  • 3
    Breaking Away (3:22)
  • 4
    That Mouth (6:45)
  • 5
    Gazebo (4:58)
  • 6
    I Woke Up Today (2:26)


Lyrically and musically, Kinsella came through once again.

Silence Magazine

Kinsella retains his signature soothing vibe but expands just enough to give (the ep) a fresh taste.

Transform Online

The songs are beautiful, mellow and distinct.

Mundane Sounds

On his latest, a five-song effort titled (the ep), Kinsella beautifully knits together the swirling, atmospheric noodling of his self-titled debut with the more focused acoustic pop of 2002's No Good For No One Now