The M's
The M's
Jan 1, 2004

Towards the end of Summer 2000, sweating in a dingy basement in the middle of Chicago’s Ukrainian Village, four young men set up some microphones and recorded a song. In postmodern fashion, they called themselves The M’s.

Two years and 30-odd songs later, The M’s walked down the street to Semaphore Studios and produced a four-song EP complete with hairy riffs, heavy breathing and blasting horns.

Soon, The M’s were added to bills with groups as varied as The French Kicks, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Wilco, Rainer Maria and The Electric Six.

Originally planned as three separate EPs, the band’s full-length debut went on to gain high praise from all levels of press and quickly propelled them to a cult-like status in their beloved Chicago hometown.


  • 1
    Dirty Old Dog (3:39)
  • 2
    Banishment of Love (3:29)
  • 3
    Big Baby Bottoms (4:30)
  • 4
    Break Our Bones (2:27)
  • 5
    2 x 2 (3:39)
  • 6
    Holdin' Up (2:47)
  • 7
    Riverside (3:50)
  • 8
    Bethany Rave (2:09)
  • 9
    Maggie (4:20)
  • 10
    Eyes on the Prize (3:38)
  • 11
    There is Work (2:53)
  • 12
    The End is Still the A (4:23)
  • 13
    Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out Pt. 1 (3:44)
  • 14
    Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out Pt. 2 (3:31)

Reviews can hear influences of 60's, 70's, and modern-day garage rock, but all played with a fresh loose energy that sounds completely new.

Leslie Seaton, RWS Magazine

The M's prove to be a downright great rock & roll band. This music is simply so buoyant, so enthralling...truly, it's a winning record.

Charles Spanno,

The four M’s call Chicago home, but with their fuzzy riffs and psychedelic melodies, they could be mistaken for a bunch of British tunesmiths by the names of Ray Davies, Damon Albarn, Marc Bolan, and John Lennon.