matt pond PA
The Nature of Maps
Oct 15, 2002

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Less than a year after releasing its critically acclaimed third album, The Green Fury, matt pond PA returned with The Nature of Maps. The album was recorded and produced on their home turf of Philadelphia by the band and Brian McTear (The Green Fury) at Brian's minerstreet/cyclesound studio.

The record is classic mpPA -- one that finds the band perfecting its unique sound with beautiful songs where guitar/vocals, drums, and bass are coupled with cello, violin, and vibraphone arrangements.

Despite Matt Pond being the group's primary singer-songwriter, The Nature of Maps, was a holistic, collaborative project with each band member -- including percussionist Mike Kennedy (Audible), guitarist Jim Kehoe (Audible) and cellist Eve Miller (Rachel's) -- contributing heavily to the songwriting process.


  • 1
    Fairlee (3:16)
  • 2
    No More (4:13)
  • 3
    The Party (4:17)
  • 4
    Closer (4:37)
  • 5
    New Kehoe NJ (1:36)
  • 6
    Close Map (2:38)
  • 7
    No More (again) (1:43)
  • 8
    Summer Is Coming (4:03)
  • 9
    A Well of Tires (2:53)
  • 10
    A Million Middle Fingers (2:00)
  • 11
    Promise The Party (3:23)
  • 12
    Athabasca (3:42)


Ideas and emotions come through as clearly through instrumentation as they do through lyrics - The Nature of Maps is thoroughly impressive in this aspect.
These 12 tracks are compositions to the fullest extent, filling the listener up with the realization of the power of music in its richest form.
All Music Guide
Nature of Maps is a refreshing mix of classical instrumentation and thoughtfully driven pop/rock melodies.

Serving up a tasty indie-rock buffet heavy on inviting guitar, cello and Pond's David Bazan-esque vocals.

Alternative Press
The Nature of Maps welds pretty strings to rock instrumentation, giving the usual indie-rock jangle a designer upgrade.
A delicate pop sensation.
Pond's voice and acoustic guitar strike you like love at first sight.

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