The Nudes
Sep 19, 2000

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The Nudes (Pele's fourth album) expands upon the solid territory that 1999's Elephant established.

Pele's guitarist, Chris Rosenau, recorded The Nudes in various living rooms and basements. Besides his prolific guitar work, his engineering portfolio is also extensive, having recorded the likes of Vermont, Camden, The Promise Ring, Paris, Texas, and others, as well as being at the helm of all past Pele releases.

Jon Mueller (who along with Rosenau is also a member of Collections of Colonies of Bees and Volcano Choir) plays drums, percussion, and keyboard. Matt Tennessen (Ezra Pound, Paris, Texas) provides bass.

Pele would like you to buy The Nudes, put it on and have a cup of coffee, eat 5 lbs. of lasagna, or hit the streets and pick a fight with a stranger.

Whatever your state of mind, The Nudes will complement and enhance it, leaving you with a memorable feeling of self-satisfaction.


  • 1
    Nude Beach. Pin Hole Camera (5:16)
  • 2
    The Mind of Minolta (3:40)
  • 3
    Therapists (5:36)
  • 4
    Visit Pumpy (3:57)
  • 5
    Total Hut (4:34)
  • 6
    Black Socks (3:55)
  • 7
    Gugi (4:03)
  • 8
    Monkey Monkey Las Vegas (5:14)


Every song is beautiful and laid bare so expressively.

Shredding Paper

The CD is good listening for anywhere, anytime, for any reason at all.


If you love music, then add this one to your collection immediately.


Turn this album up really loud as you're making dinner or doing the laundry and it almost becomes the soundtrack to your life. Like those great little instrumentals that occur between scene changes in movies, except an entire album of ‘em.




Their sound is like a living body, breathing and growing and learning. Each song takes you on a trip through the world as it happens.


In all honesty, this record is amazing.

Lost at Sea

The music is delicate and fierce, a hard combination to capture. It's got heart and an edge.

In Music We Trust

Pele's music has always simultaneously perplexed, relaxed, and impressed me. The Nudes guides the listener through a fantastically organic musical otherworld that's miles away from anywhere you've ever been before.

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