The One Up Downstairs
The One Up Downstairs
Jan 27, 2009

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Comprised of Mike Kinsella (Owen), Steve Lamos, David Johnson and Allen Johnson, The One Up Downstairs recorded three songs in 1997. But, before they could be released, the members parted ways -- Kinsella and Lamos went on to form American Football, while David and Allen established Very Secretary.

For years The One Up Downstairs was discussed on message boards and became the frequent subject of questions sent to the Polyvinyl info e-mail account – were they actually a band, did they sound like American Football, did they ever record?

The answers to all of these questions are a resounding “yes.”

In an effort to make the songs available to fans, Polyvinyl released the long sought after songs digitally before pressing them on a 7" (as was originally intended).


  • 1
    Champagne (5:33)
  • 2
    Rememories (3:09)
  • 3
    Franco The Bull (2:13)

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