The Sky Is the New Ground
Oct 15, 2002

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These four songs were originally slated to be part of AM/FM's third full-length, but oddly enough ended up fitting together very neatly as a concept EP about an astronaut.

The EP builds on AM/FM's dense pop arrangements -- adding huge guitar symphonies and string arrangements to create a fully fleshed-out sound.

AM/FM disbanded before completing its next album, making this release the band's last musical output.


  • 1
    Every Start (1:45)
  • 2
    Gone In Three (3:38)
  • 3
    Mrs. Astronaut (4:56)
  • 4
    All To Remember (7:06)


Sokol is given the chance to show off his finely tuned songwriting skills, while both of the guys stack layer upon layer of clever instrumentation to create a warm and pretty pop sound.


When the electric guitars kick in halfway through the song, you feel like you are in a John Hughes movie and you just got the girl or boy; as you're walking down the street, the camera zooms in and you've got just the biggest, most hopeful grin smacked on your face.  Yeah, it's that good... Get this EP and get their next record. If it is anything like The Sky is the New Ground, it will be stuck in your player for weeks.

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Sure, there's a "Space Oddity" thing about it, but it's four songs and damned if it ain't a blastoff.


If the four songs here are any indication as to where AM/FM is heading then you might want to lift your head to see if you spot these two up in the stratosphere.


For the most part this EP follows in suit with the duo's pop-rock arrangements, but the use of symphony like string arrangements has created an opaque wall of sound that really makes this band stand out.

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