of Montreal
Apr 26, 2011

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A mini-album of sorts, thecontrollersphere clocks in at 23 minutes and features the long-awaited studio version of live favorite "Black Lion Massacre" -- a pulsing sonic freakout that is the darkest and noisiest song Barnes has ever written and serves as thecontrollersphere's mission statement.


  • 1
    Black Lion Massacre (5:07)
  • 2
    Flunkt Sass vs the Root Plume (2:37)
  • 3
    Holiday Call (8:17)
  • 4
    L'age D'or (3:32)
  • 5
    Slave Translator (4:13)


Some might say that it's just an excess of noise. To that I would have to agree. And what freakin' amazing noise it is.

Lip Magazine


  • L'age D'or (3:36)
    Nina Barnes

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