matt pond PA
This is not the Green Fury
Nov 20, 2001

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As we were preparing to release The Green Fury, matt pond PA's third album, the idea came up to release a 7" beforehand. Thus the idea for the appropriately titled This Is Not The Green Fury was born.

Instead of taking the standard "single with a b-side" approach, This Is Not The Green Fury is actually a four song EP that barely fits onto a 33 RPM single!

All four songs are new and exclusive to the release, which was originally pressed on handsome green vinyl (now out of print).


  • 1
    A List of Sound (3:29)
  • 2
    1.03 (1:05)
  • 3
    Night's End (2:39)
  • 4
    Measure 4 (2:16)

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