Cale Parks
To Swift Mars
Aug 4, 2009

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After releasing his second full-length album Sparklace in 2008, Cale Parks returned the following year with a new 6-track EP titled To Swift Mars.

With this release, Parks takes his songwriting to another level with immediate, concise pop structures that weave together electronic elements with full-bodied percussion and influences ranging from the overlapping arpeggios of Philip Glass to the post-prog pop of early Peter Gabriel.

Recorded at Inner Ear studios by fellow Aloha member T.J. Lipple and mixed by Brian Jacobs of Apes and Androids, To Swift Mars highlights the solidarity of Parks' creative songwriting process and breaks the usual assumptions of what a percussionist's solo project might sound like.

Best known as the classically trained drummer and percussionist for Aloha, Parks has also recorded with Joan of Arc, White Williams and Passion Pit


  • 1
    Eyes Won't Shut (5:39)
  • 2
    Running Family (4:42)
  • 3
    Knight Conversation (4:03)
  • 4
    Crystal Air (4:03)
  • 5
    One at a Time (4:24)
  • 6
    We Can Feel It (4:04)


[A] breezy mix of pop, electronica, and ethereal minimalism that suggests a handful of touchstones -- opener "Eyes Won't Shut" channels Junior Boys' seductive electro-pop while the organ-heavy "Knight Conversation" evokes Beach House's languid balladry. And ultimately, it's Parks' ability to slip so deftly between stylistic approaches -- tightroping from dancefloor churners to bedroom reveries -- that gives To Swift Mars its distinctive, energetic flow.  4 out of 5 Stars

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  • One at a Time (4:25)
    Shawn Brackbill and Adam Bennett

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