Trump Harm
Jun 7, 2011

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Moving into their 7th full-length, Trump Harm, 31Knots are a living testament to the advantages of staying true to yourself over fleeting flash-in-the-pan glamour in an age of instant gratification.

More than anything else, the sound of Trump Harm is yet another fresh take on the band's unique brand of jagged yet melodic, gritty yet graceful, grandiose punk rock.

With swift directional changes, abrupt stops, and inertia-defying starts, 31Knots executes each teetering musical jerk and halt and subsequent summersault with jaw-dropping agility.

And with every angular arrest in the music, the band seems to avoid self-annihilation through complete exposure and emotional meltdown -- thus exhibiting their absolute command over the direction of the song.


  • 1
    Onanist's Vacation (5:39)
  • 2
    Candles on Open Water (3:50)
  • 3
    Middle Ages (3:10)
  • 4
    Egg on My Face (4:34)
  • 5
    A Lot Can Tell (4:31)
  • 6
    Love in the Mean of Heat (4:56)
  • 7
    Stand Up (6:04)
  • 8
    Dark Control (3:50)
  • 9
    Get Gone (4:23)
  • 10
    One Tongue Room (Come to My Senses) (4:56)


In short, these guys are the real deal… boldly innovative, brimming with youth-filled imagination.

Pop Matters

This is music that unfolds in new ways each time you engage it.

Impose Magazine


  • Candles on Open Water (3:57)

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