Love Is All
Two Thousand And Ten Injuries
Mar 23, 2010

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Two Thousand And Ten Injuries is an eclectic collection of pop melodies, anchored by New Wave and punk rock rhythms, that are as refined as they are unpredictable. Highlights of the 12 track set include the art punk urgency of "Bigger, Bolder," the lilting pop of "Never Now," the Slits-like reggae of "False Pretense" and the classic New Wave rallying cry found in "Dust."

Two Thousand And Ten Injuries was produced, recorded and mixed at the band's home studio, Bananaflux, during the summer of 2009 by Love is All and Wyatt Cusick (ex-member of The Aislers Set and Trackstar).

All told, Two Thousand And Ten Injuries successfully manages to be Love Is All's most adventurous, and dare we say, accessible, album yet.


  • 1
    Bigger Bolder (2:54)
  • 2
    Repetition (2:31)
  • 3
    Never Now (3:26)
  • 4
    Less Than Thrilled (2:16)
  • 5
    Early Warnings (2:37)
  • 6
    False Pretense (2:43)
  • 7
    The Birds Were Singing With All Their Might (3:30)
  • 8
    Again, Again (1:55)
  • 9
    Kungen (2:46)
  • 10
    A Side in a Bed (3:28)
  • 11
    Dust (3:00)
  • 12
    Take Your Time (3:05)


Disco beats, post-punk sax honking, twee-pop boy/girl harmonies, and lyrics that rip your heart out. Yep, Love Is All is back.


The Swedish quintet's third full-length, a fizzy, exhilarating hybrid of bubblegum pop and bratty punk. For all her seeming eccentricity, [Josephine] Olausson is a crafty performer whose outbursts provide vividly specific snapshots of a full-throttle life.


On its third album, [Love Is All] navigate[s] between art-punk damage and arsenic-laced bubblegum. Vocalist Josephine Olausson keeps the proceedings filled with blistering energy...Throw in some joy, a few gloriously scuff-up recordings, and a love of The Pastels and you can see why Love Is All is worth all the fuss.

Filter if we needed more proof of how Love is All is utterly in control of its pop craft. [8/10]

Under The Radar

The band's insanely catchy new disc Two Thousand and Ten Injuries combines the sound of early Nineties grrrl-punk acts bands like Huggy Bear and Bikini Kill with rich Sixties pop harmonies.

Two Thousand And Ten Injuries find them touching all at once on the exuberant punk of The Raincoats, glorious 60s sunshine pop and the emotive soundscapes of the Liars and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


In a time when lots of modern rock bands are showing off their breadth, Love Is All has sneakily become notably, and skillfully, diverse.

The Onion AV Club

... on Two Thousand and Ten Injuries Love Is All sound better than ever and well-positioned to keep making smart, hooky, passionate records for a long time to come.

All Music Guide

With Two Thousand and Ten Injuries Love Is All have created another master class in yearning, defiant, confused and lovelorn indie-pop, the sort of record you wish you had by your side when you were stuck re-heating cheeseburger puffs* for minimum wage in one of Essex's premier petrol station.

Drowned in Sound

The good news is that Love is All is nothing if not bold, and exploring this new direction could make this album a hit.

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  • Bigger Bolder (2:56)
    Josephine Olausson
  • Kungen (2:48)
    Josephine Olausson