Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!
Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!
Feb 17, 2004

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Deftly created compositional pop songs framed by a keyboard, drum kit, and guitar set the tone for this amazing debut.

Recorded by Andy Sharp (Mates of State) at Music Lane in Austin, Texas.

Since Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! has gone dormant, its members have remained active in the world of film and music. Songwriter and frontman Mark Duplass, along with his brother Jay, have earned accolades as the writer/director duo behind the much buzzed about independent films The Puffy Chair (2005) and Baghead (2008).

Drummer John Thomas Robinette III has contributed to a number of musical projects as beat machine JTR3.

Guitarist Craig Montoro is a multi-instrumentalist in Sufjan Stevens' band.


  • 1
    Overture (0:19)
  • 2
    2nd Gun (2:17)
  • 3
    Trunk of my Car (2:20)
  • 4
    Joe Jaxon (3:15)
  • 5
    In Green (2:08)
  • 6
    Fisticuffs (2:30)
  • 7
    Echo Park (1:06)
  • 8
    New Brad (2:58)
  • 9
    Mostly on an Island (4:00)
  • 10
    Around the Dream (3:11)
  • 11
    Goodbye, Casio (3:22)
  • 12
    By No Means (1:40)
  • 13
    Firebombing London (1:31)
  • 14
    Shouting Across the Water (2:38)
  • 15
    Byron's 24th Christmas (3:18)
  • 16
    Two Exclamation Points (3:22)


Painstakingly layered and exceptionally beautiful...catapults Volcano into a category all their own.
Alarm Press

What is remarkable about this record, aside from its deft pop playing and unbelievable hooks and dynamics, is the fact that is has sixteen songs and not a one is a clunker. I have never ever heard an album with this many good songs.

Indie Workshop

VISE!! bring to the table a stellar instrumental mix and go through a litany of satisfying pop tunes.


An impressive debut...and stands as testament to the as yet unexhausted possibilities of pop.

Maelstrom Zine

One of the best records of 2004.


The members of Volcano prove to be gardeners of their own little paradise, pruning back pop to what is essential and beautiful.

Flyer Magazine

This is an excellent record.

Harvard Independent

...'68 Beatles, '78 punk, and '88 Old Wave sanded down to indie-pop played hard.

Time Out, NY

VISE!! have truly captured an original sound without sacrificing any catchiness a feat not every band can accomplish.

Skratch Magazine
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  • In Green (2:27)
    Jay Duplass

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