Apr 10, 2007

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On Wars, its fifth album (and second for Polyvinyl), xbxrx continues to expand its musical horizons, incorporating a wider palette of textures, rhythm and structure as well as gaining a newfound clarity in the vocals.

Never wishing to repeat themselves, the band has made a conscious effort to move beyond the non-stop blastbeat/screaming assault of previous releases (achieving its noisy pinnacle on the 2003 Narnack 7"), while retaining the vigorous exhilaration that people expect from them.

Over the years xbxrx's joyous, high-energy musical outpourings have been championed by many major figures in underground rock, having opened on tours with admirers such as Sonic Youth, Peaches, Unwound, Mr. Quintron, Deerhoof and Q and Not U as well as having worked with accomplished producers like Steve Albini, Ian MacKaye, Vern Rumsey, Don Zientara and Tim Kerr.


  • 1
    Center Where Sight (4:06)
  • 2
    Freezing Water (2:05)
  • 3
    Sheets and Organs (2:08)
  • 4
    Here to Ruin the Party (2:18)
  • 5
    Eighth War (2:21)
  • 6
    Suffocation (1:13)
  • 7
    Minds (2:25)
  • 8
    Sons of Horn (1:21)
  • 9
    In Veins (2:17)
  • 10
    Towers of Silence (3:13)
  • 11
    Day Eleven (1:31)
  • 12
    Ear Ever Hear (2:15)


A goddamn amazing album.


Intricate structures, jazzy stop-starts, and dramatic crescendos all suggest a new level of craft from this caffeinated post-hardcore outfit.


That Deerhoof's master drummer is a fan of XBXRX should tell you something: this is a band much-revered within the world of musicians, who recognize that they are trying something different within the relatively narrow confines of the hardcore genre.

Drowned in Sound
XBXRX are bringing a fresh perspective and ridiculous amount of attitude back to punk...


  • Ear Ever Hear (2:11)
    Vice Cooler