Jeff Rosenstock
We Cool?
Mar 3, 2015

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Released by: SideOneDummy Records

After Bomb the Music Industry! went on indefinite hiatus, Jeff Rosenstock started releasing records under his own name.

This is the first one. The latest is POST-, which is Jeff's first release with Polyvinyl.

From Jeff Rosenstock:

"Hi, it's me Jeff Rosenstock. I write these descriptions and it's hard to write one for your own record, but here I go. This is the first record I've made with a band since Bomb the Music Industry! We recorded with Jack Shirley and we tried to make pop songs that got real weird and gross."


  • 1
    Get Old Forever (3:19)
  • 2
    You, In Weird Cities (3:39)
  • 3
    Novelty Sweater (2:41)
  • 4
    Nausea (2:44)
  • 5
    Beers Again Alone (3:14)
  • 6
    I'm Serious, I'm Sorry (2:47)
  • 7
    Hey Allison! (1:51)
  • 8
    Polar Bear of Africa (3:45)
  • 9
    Hall of Fame (2:19)
  • 10
    All Blissed Out (3:33)
  • 11
    The Lows (3:06)
  • 12
    Darkness Records (3:23)

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